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Technical Direction

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UMass Amherst
This class will offer students the opportunities to learn how scenery, props, and other technical elements are created for theater and other entertainment venues. Students will gain practical experience working with various materials and techniques while fabricating elements for the theater department's main-stage productions. Instructions will include lectures and hands-on demonstrations on topics such as project management, wood and metal joinery, material choices, and the making of non-toxic goo. Students will work in pairs and in teams within a safe and creative environment. Individuals in the fields of design, art, sculpture, architecture, construction, engineering, and project management may find this class beneficial.

Pre Req: THEATER 160 This course includes a lab component of four hours per week, which will be completed in four-hour blocks between 1-5pm Monday-Friday. In addition, students must attend load-ins and strikes of all main stage departmental productions.

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Technical Direction
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01 3.0

Michael Cottom

TU TH 9:30AM 10:45AM