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Scene Design Studio

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UMass Amherst
Although this course focuses on scenic design, it presents the components of general design and visual storytelling in ways that the student can apply to all manner of design in his or her future endeavors. The elements of good design, line, color, form, shape and texture, will serve the individual whether she or he is creating theatre, a website, a brochure, a living or working space, a wardrobe ?look?, or a new car. Class projects will deal with supporting a drama with visual design elements, but the principles will not change with the media. The designer always needs to consider the language of good design and achieve fluency in making specific design choices. Classroom exercises and projects are spread out over the entire semester. A comprehensive scenic design is the culmination of the semester?s work. Satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Theatr majors.

Open to Theater majors only. Pre Req: THEATER 360

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Scene Design Studio
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01 3.0

Miguel Romero

M W 10:10AM 12:05PM