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S-Career and Life Choices

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Women, Gender, Sexuality

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UMass Amherst
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies teaches critical thinking skills. How can students use these skills to make informed career choices? How is it possible to engage in planning one?s career while conscious of the realities of race, gender, sexuality, and class in today?s economy? What are career options for students whose values include working for a better society? Is it possible to put together a balanced life and pay the bills besides? How can pressured college seniors, particularly activists, get all the career tasks they need to do done (resume writing, budgeting, researching career opportunities, networking, informational interviews) while finishing out their college degree? Students will formulate their own career questions and choices. The first part of the semester is self awareness, articulating interests, skills and values. The second part of the semester focuses on workforce information, practical job search skills, and research on a possible field. Assignments include: self awareness exercises, informational interviews, budget, resume, cover letter, career research and more.

Open to Undergraduate Seniors only. Sophomores and Juniors, contact department for permission to register.

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S-Career and Life Choices
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Karen Lederer

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