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Permaculture/Pioneer Valley

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Stockbridge School

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UMass Amherst
In this course students will; 1) Learn to work as a community through implementing new permaculture gardens. 2) Gain a deeper understanding of local sustainable food production. 3) Learn practical permaculture skills and appropriate technologies for ecological design (sheet mulching, contour mapping, solar pathfinder, bioswales, composting, fall planting, elevation tools, community gardens, winter garden preparation). 4) Connect with local permaculture designers and educators around the Pioneer Valley and learn how to become more involed in local sustainable food production. 5) Engage with specific varieties of permaculture plant species that are accustomed to growing in the northeastern US temperate climate. 5) Study permaculture as a movement as it relates to universities, municipalities, towns, cities and homesteads.
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Permaculture/Pioneer Valley
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L01 0.0

Ryan Harb

F 1:00PM 5:00PM