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ST-Federal Budgeting Process

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Public Policy & Administration

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UMass Amherst
Understanding the budget process is important for any federal employee and anyone who works for an entity that interacts with the federal government such as; NGOs, state governments, consultancies, and the private sector. The course will integrate the subject matter interests of each student and the budget process by utilizing various federal agencies? current budgets as case studies. By exploring budget preparation, tracking, and execution, students will become fluent in general budget terminology and the fiscal year schedule. Emphasis will be put on developing the skills necessary to write effective memos, present clear and concise briefings, and quickly create simple yet illustrative Excel spreadsheets. Student assessment will be based on class participation, short writing assignments, and presentations.

Class meets from 3/25-4/29/2013.

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ST-Federal Budgeting Process
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Henry Chang

M 6:00PM 8:30PM