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Self, Selfish and Self-Centere

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Social & Behavioral Science

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UMass Amherst
This course explores the interactions of individuals and society through the disciplinary approaches of Communication, Journalism, and Economics. A team of faculty will help students explore fundamental issues of individualism and society. We?ll look at such questions as: How do media influence our sense of self and entitlement? What mechanisms enhance individualism? Are there social and economic benefits to developing a collectivistic culture? Has our own society changed much in the past 250 years in regards to social consciousness? Has the U.S. always leaned toward individualism and meritocracy in comparison to other cultures? Each student will write independent papers and also contribute to a semester-long group research project to be presented in an end-of-semester conference. This is a Team Based Learning course. Satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Comm, BA-Econ and BA-Journ majors.

Open only to Senior and Junior Communications, Economics, and Journalism majors.

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Self, Selfish and Self-Centere
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01 3.0

Diane Flaherty;Razvan Sibii;Leda Cooks

M W 11:15AM 12:30PM