Five College Consortium

Five College Dance Department

Hosted by Lester Tomé (Smith College).
Neilson Library,  Smith College

This event showcases current scholarship in the area of Latin American Dance Studies. It features two distinguished speakers and authors of recent books who demonstrate the range of topics and methods of scholarship in this field. In "Dancing the New World: Aztecs, Spaniards, and the Choreography of Conquest," historian Paul Scolieri traces the transformation of the Aztec empire into a Spanish colony through analysis of written and visual representations of dance in colonial discourse. He argues that the colonial discourse on Aztec dance captured the Spaniards’ wonder at the New World as well as their rationale for justifying genocide. In "Tango Nuevo," anthropologist and dance critic Carolyn Merritt interrogates the most recent chapter in the evolution of Argentinean tango: the trend known as "new tango." She questions innovations in tango performance in light of the machismo, violence, and elitism that they encode. Sponsored by the Departments of Dance, History, Anthropology and Spanish and Portuguese and the Latin American and the Latin@ Studies Program of Smith College, and the Five College Dance Department