Five College Dance Department

Summer Internships at Bearnstow 2013

Dates of internship are from June 20 through Sept. 3. The days June 21 and 22  are orientation days.

Duties are various: Maintenance of common area floors, sous chef, dish washing, kitchen maintenance, cabin maintenance, stable assistance, office work--anything needed to help the running of the camp. 

Sounds horrendous, BUT, interns assist the leaders of Day Camp and partake of ALL CLASSES offered. For the serious dance student this is valuable experience.  . Negotiations with University/College departments may grant CREDIT for these classes.  Compensation includes all room and board at Bearnstow, use of all facilities and all classes.  Monetary consideration is $100.00 biweekly to compensate for expenses, (Should no workshop be held expenses for that week will not be compensated.)


Please see for workshop information to be posted on Oct, 1, 1012


We require personal and academic references as well as personal information.