Five College Dance Department

Hollow Spaces

               Hollow Spaces . . . a dance concert choreographed by Joshua Shane, Olana Flynn, and guest artist, Therese Freedman. March 7-9 at 8:00 pm In the Hampshire College Main Dance Studio. General   admission $5.00, students and seniors $3.00. Call for reservations 413-559-5889 or email Check it out on Facebook!

               Our everyday struggles and tribulations inspire us to move forward with our lives to find something better in Hollow Spaces, a division III dance concert, March 7-9, at Hampshire College in Amherst. Choreographers Joshua Shane, Olana Flynn and guest artist, Terese Freedman bring you through journeys of struggle and loss as they search for solace within themselves.

               The nights program includes three works. In, if tangled bits fly loose, Olana questions and explores loss by constructing grief as space and physical action. Joshua Shane's work menace, a work looking at how men are really expected to present themselves, and how some people just do not fit the molds left to them by their fathers.  Last in the program is a duet performed by both Joshua and Olana, choreographed by Terese Freedman, giving a look into the intricacy of partnership.

                Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling: 413-559-5889, or by emailing: Ticket prices are $5.00 for general admission, and $3.00 for students and seniors.