Five College Consortium

Five College Dance Department

FCDD Fall 2017 Calendar of Events

(as of 4/26/18)

Events that are large and BOLD are FCDD events. Events that are smaller and not bolded are local dance events not directly affiliated with the FCDD.


Classes Begin:
Amherst College and UMass: Tuesday, September 5
Hampshire and Mount Holyoke Colleges: Wednesday, September 6
Smith College: Thursday, September 7

8 (Friday)
Advanced Placement Audition
Studio 1 Webster Hall, Amherst College
Ballet: 4:30-5:15pm
Modern/Contemporary: 5:15-6:00pm
Any dancer who wants permission to sign up for Ballet or Modern/Contemporary levels V and VI, and who has not previously been approved for advanced placement, should attend this audition.

8 (Friday)
Amherst College Faculty Dance Concert
Kirby Theater, Amherst College
Followed by a FCDD-wide dance party to kick off the year at 8:30pm!

Amirah Sackett "We're Muslim Don't Panic" Hip Hop Master Class
Headroom Stages, 17 Elliot St, Brattleboro, Vermont

9 (Saturday)
FCDD Faculty and Guest Artist Audition (dancers must pre-register)
Scott Dance Studio, Smith College
10:45-11:30am: Arrival and open studio for warm-up
11:30am-1:45pm: Auditions
2:30pm-3:30pm: Callbacks

13 (Wednesday)
Performance Project Audition
Studio 1, Webster Hall, Amherst College

14 (Thursday)
MFA Thesis Audition
Scott Studio, Smith College

16 (Saturday)
Jacob's Pillow Fall 2017 Lab Artist: Ephrat Asherie

17 (Sunday)
Alive With Dance Auditions
Totman Gym, UMass

17 (Sunday)
Mount Holyoke Senior Capstone Concert Auditions
Kendall Sports and Dance Complex, Mount Holyoke
dancers are encouraged to bring pointe shoes if they have them

17 (Sunday)
Community SING with Penny Schultz
Earthdance, Plainfield, MA

21 (Thursday)
Dancer Auditions for the Hampshire College Winter Concert and Div III Projects
Main Dance Studio, Hampshire College
Choreographers are looking for a wide range of skill sets and levels of experience

22 (Friday)
Causing it only a little: a contact improvisation performance
With Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Nancy Stark Smith, Claudio Garrido, and others
Inaugural performance in the newly renovated Crew House Dance Studio, Smith College
6:30-8:30pm performance installation. Audience is free to come and go.

23-24 (Saturday-Sunday)
Love Poems To My Parents
A collection of solos choreographed and performed Michelle Marroquin (HC '94, SC MFA '10)
Live Music by Tony Silva (UM '94), Zoe Darrow and Pan Morigan
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton
Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 4:00pm

24 (Sunday)
4th Sunday Cl Class and Jam with Amii LeGendre
Earthdance, Plainfield, MA

24 (Sunday)
September Community Day
Earthdance, Plainfield, MA

29 (Friday)
Theatre in These Times: Five College Theater Alumnae of Color Panel
Kirby Theater, Amherst College

29-30 (Friday-Saturday) 
The Wondertwins present performance "To Hip-Hop With Love" and a Master Class
Brattleboro, VT

Friday Performance:
Saturday Master Class: 

September 29 - October 1 (Friday-Sunday)
IMAGINE Festival: Film, Technology, and the Body in Action
(special discounts available for students)
Earthdance, Plainfield, MA
Full weekend, single days and evening screenings available

30 (Saturday)
DOIEB SI TAU: language for a requiem

Created and performed by Masimiliano Balduzzi
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton


1-3 (Sunday-Tuesday)
Compagnie Hervé Koubi Residency Project
Totman Gym, UMass

Highlights Include:

2-3 (Monday-Tuesday)
Auditions for Wig Flu: A Devised Drag Lip Sync Party
Room 04 (Mon) and Upper Rand Studio (Tuesday), UMass Fine Arts Center

4-9 (Wednesday-Monday)
2nd Annual Lion's Jaw Performance and Dance Festival
Green Street Studios, 185 Green St., Cambridge MA

7 (Saturday)
HUT XI: 3 Artists, 3 Genres, 3 Short Sets
Featured Performers: Samara Lubelski, Carole Maso, and Dante Brown (FCDD Faculty)
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton

Mid-Semester Break
Amherst*, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges: Saturday, October 7 - Tuesday, October 10
UMass: Monday, October 9 (Columbus Day)
*Amherst College will follow Monday's class schedule on Wednesday, October 11 after break.

13 (Friday)
Open Rehearsal for Bebe Miller's The Blues Project
With Bebe Miller, Angie Hauser and FCDD dancers
Scott Studio, Smith College

13-15, 20-22 (Friday-Sunday)
The Surrealist Cabaret: Celebrating a decade of field grown magic in 2017!
The Royal Frog Ballet
Park Hill Orchard, Eashampton MA

14-15 (Saturday-Sunday)
Sourcing the Stream: a video and performance event directed by Wendy Woodson
With dancers Lauren Horn, Lucille Jun, Forrest Locklear, Molly McBride, Chris McMillan, Madison Palffy, Jen Polins, Ian Spak, and Leah Woodbridge
Holden Theater, Amherst College
Saturday: 8:00pm
Sunday: 2:00pm

17 (Tuesday)
Festival of South African Dance
Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, UMass
Pre-show talk, including Hip Hop/Pantsula demonstration, in the lobby starting at 6:15pm

19-21 (Thursday-Saturday)
Movers Moving In: Three evenings of Dancing/Making
A.P.E. at Hawley Street
Third Floor Studio, 33 Hawley Street, Northampton

Highlights include:

  • 19 (Thursday)
    Underscore +/- Arriving into the Arts Trust on Hawley Street
    Featuring Nancy Stark Smith and a stellar group of local dancers for a night of structured improv.

    Third floor studio, 33 Hawley St., Northampton

  • 20-21 (Friday-Saturday)
    Dancing/Making: An Informal Performance and Reflection
    Friday: Peter Schmitz, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Jen Polins
    Saturday: Barbie Diewald, Doug LeCours, Katie Martin, and Andrea Olsen
    Third floor studio, 33 Hawley St., Northampton

20 (Friday)
Families Dancing
Studio Theatre, Mount Holyoke College
Free admission

21 (Saturday)
FCDD Production Workshop 

Main Studio, Hampshire College

22 (Sunday)
Works In Progress (WIP) V
With new work from Tatyana Tenebaum, Catie Leasca, The Lovelies, Angie Muzzy, and Robin MacRostie.
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton

27 (Friday)
FCDD Annual Fall Lecture: Onye Ozuzu
Dance Curricular Change for a Diverse Cultural Sustainability
Bezanson Recital Hall, UMass

27 (Friday)
Taja Will's Bruja // Fugitive Majesty
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton


29 (Sunday)
West African Dance Workshop (Guinea Style) with Youssouf Koumbassa
Northampton Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley St., Northampton
Fee: $15-$20 (pay what you can-cash only)

Master Class with Tango Buenos Aires
Scott Studio, Smith College 

31 (Tuesday)
Master Class with Tango Buenos Aires
Gateway City Arts, 92-114 Race St, Holyoke
$30 for class + dance, cash bar.


1 (Wednesday)
Tango Buenos Aires: The Spirit of Argentina
Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, UMass
Pre-show TED-style talk including demo with Daniel Trenner at 6:15 in Lobby

4 (Saturday)
Noche Cubana with Iroko Nuevo - Benefit for Refugee Assistance
63 Riverside Dr, Florence, MA

4 (Saturday)
HUT XII: An Evening of Contemporary Music, Movement, and Words
Featured performers: Shura Baryshnikov, Christopher Ayala, and Paul Flaherty
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton

9 (Thursday)
Lecture by Lester Tomé
Performances of Racial Democracy/Spectacles of Interracial Eros: 
Black-and-White Pas de Deux in the National Ballet of Cuba (1970s)
Paradise Room, Conference Center, Smith College
Event is for Faculty and Grad Students only! Lunch is provided.

10 (Friday)
Arts Night Out - Coaching Project
Local artists share work created under the guidance of Peter Schmitz

School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton

9-11 (Thursday- Saturday)
Mount Holyoke College Fall Faculty Dance Concert 
Studio Theatre, Mount Holyoke College

12 (Sunday)
The Hatchery and The Funks: Works In Progress
Hatchery (dance) is directed by Jen Polins and the Funks (comedy improvisation) is directed by Heidi Haas
33 Hawley St., Northampton

15 (Wednesday)
Master Class with Hilary Clark
Main Studio, Hampshire College

17 (Friday)
Careers in Dance Workshop with Maura Keefe
Crew House Dance Studio, Smith College

17 (Friday)
Trust Talk: What is an Arts Trust (and who cares?)
Kathy Couch, Lisa Thompson, and Richard Wagner

School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton

16-18 (Thursday-Saturday)
Smith College Fall Faculty Dance Concert
Theatre 14, Smith College

19 (Sunday)
Works In Progress (WIP) VI
With new work from Leah Moriarty, Doug LeCours, Lauren Horn, Kate Martel, Alexander and Joy Davis.
School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, 25 Main St., Northampton.

Thanksgiving Break
Amherst College: Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, November 26
Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges: Wednesday, November 22 - Sunday, November 26   
UMass: Sunday, November 19 - Sunday, November 26


November 24 - December 31
The Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker
Boston Opera House, 539 Washington St., Boston

November 30 - December 2
University Dancers Concert
: Cadáver Exquisito
Totman Gym, UMass

2 (Saturday)
SCDT Presents: HUT XIII: An Evening of Contemporary Music, Movement, and Word
Featured performers: Bhob Rainey, Sarah Gerard, and Peter Schmitz
25 Main St. Floor 4, Northampton

2 (Saturday)
SCDT Presents: Contemporary Practice: Workshop with Molly Fletcher Lynch
25 Main Street, Floor 4, Northampton

7 (Thursday)
Dance at Noon
Showing of new work by MFA candidates Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Sarah Lass, and Sarah Seder
Scott Studio, Smith College

7-8 (Thursday-Friday)
Bare Bones Concert
Scott Studio, Smith College

8-9 (Friday-Saturday)
New Works in Performance: Performance Project and The Lens from the Amherst College Dance Ensemble
Holden Theater, Amherst College

7-10 (Thursday-Sunday)
Movng the Environment: Questions into Form with Daniel Lepkoff
Earthdance, 252 Prospect St., Plainfield

9-10 (Saturday-Sunday)
SCDT Presents: The Hatchery Winter Showcase
STUDIO4 25 Main Street Suite 444, Northampton

tickets online at 
8:00pm, 2:00pm

Last day of classes
Mount Holyoke College and UMass: Tuesday, December 12
Amherst College: Wednesday, December 13
Hampshire and Smith Colleges: Thursday, December 14

12 (Tuesday) 
Master Class with Xan Burley and Alex Springer
Scott Studio, Smith College 

13-15 (Wednesday-Friday)
Pioneer Valley Ballet's The Nutcracker
Academy of Music Theatre, Northampton

Friday at 4:00pm and 7:30pm
Saturday & Sunday at 1:00pm and 4:30pm

14 (Thursday)
Fall Graduate Dance Event

Scott Studio, Smith College

15 (Friday)
Celebrations Dance Company
Scott Studio, Smith College