Hampshire College Winter Dance Concert 2015

Photo by Jim ColemanAs student choreographer Jamila Jackson asserts, “Dance is a space that can hold the wildness of life.” 

Hampshire College's Winter Dance Concert 2015 employs movement as a way to face fears, honor the humanity of vulnerability, embrace the vastness we all embody and ask some of life’s big questions. The evening is rounded out by a lively excerpt of John Heginbotham's Manhattan Research.

Don’t miss a beautifully eclectic event where professional and student dance makers share the fruit of their creative labor together.


Performances February 12-14 at 8:00pm, Hampshire College Main Dance Studio, Amherst, MA. 

Reservations are recommended and may be made by calling (413) 559-5889 or emailing HampDanceReservations@gmail.com.

Tickets are $10 general, $5 students & seniors. Handicapped Accessible.