Gallim's WONDERLAND to be featured in FCDD Faculty Concert

A cast of advanced dancers from all five college campuses will perform WONDERLAND (excerpts), by award-winning NYC choreographer Andrea Miller, founder and artistic director of Gallim Dance, in the FCDD Faculty Concert, March 6-8 in Amherst College’s Kirby Theater.

“WONDERLAND investigates pack mentality as an inherent and potentially dangerous element of human instinct. The work was initially inspired by Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation HEAD ON, which depicts 99 wolves charging into a glass wall. Four archetypal characters evolve in a universe influenced by the imagery of the American atomic age. Behind the smiles of an Esther Williams dream world, WONDERLAND reveals psychological and physical episodes of a herd acting as a unit through the uncoordinated behavior of self-serving individuals. Although pack mentality is a natural and ongoing strategy in the animal kingdom, among humans it can indicate a vicious, desensitized brutality and disregard for humanity – a concept that is at the core of WONDERLAND.” (from the Gallim Dance website)

Gallim Dance company member Caroline Fermin was in residency for a week in January and is returning in February to finish staging the piece. FCDD Chair Jim Coleman is rehearsal director.

[Gallim Dance performing WONDERLAND]