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FCDD Faculty Dance Concert
March 6-8, 8PM, Kirby Theater
Tickets are free.  Reservations recommended.
fcddance.reservations@gmail.com   413.538.2848

Featuring Work by

Andrea Miller art director of Gallim Dance
Amherst professor Wendy Woodson
Hampshire College Alumnus Christopher Rasheem-McMillan
Mount Holyoke faculty Jim and Terese Coleman
Smith College faculty Marilyn and Sekou Sylla
UMass's Tom Vacanti
and guest jazz dance artist Erica Wilson-Perkins

The Five College Dance Department, in collaboration with the Amherst College Theater and Dance Department, presents an evening of original works by faculty members and guest artists representing all five campuses. The concert features excerpts from Wonderland by award-winning NYC choreographer Andrea Miller, artistic director of Gallim Dance. This dance investigates pack mentality as an inherent, potentially dangerous, element of human instinct; although it is a natural and ongoing phenomenon in the animal kingdom, among humans it can indicate a vicious, desensitized brutality and disregard for humanity – a concept that is at the core of Wonderland. Amherst College professor Wendy Woodson will present a new duet, Companion Piece, with dance artists Paul Matteson and Jennifer Nugent that explores an ever-shifting relationship, in and out of alignment. Hampshire College alumnus and current Five College Fellow Christopher Rasheem-McMillan will premiere, Scarcely Present, a group work that moves from moments of athleticism to introspection, investigating intimacy, visibility, and presence. Mount Holyoke College faculty members Terese Freedman and Jim Coleman have restaged their large group work Falling. Set to five songs by Roy Orbison, with disco ball and follow spot, this work pokes nostalgic, charged fun at the passions and foibles of youthful desire. Smith College’s offering will be Marilyn and Sekou Sylla’s festive extravaganza Carnivale. This original piece showcases carnival dance movements from Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Live music and singing is an integral part of the work. UMass assistant professor Tom Vacanti combines contemporary dance with Italian Opera, Vaudeville, and "the fickle heart" in a new, fast-paced duet. UMass jazz dance guest artist Erica Wilson-Perkins will present her recent, large ensemble work, The Elders, featuring an original music mix of Swayzak, Valentino and Tectonic Plates.