Charnice Charmant (SC '16) awarded 2015-16 Wagner Scholarship

[Charnice Charmant]

The FCDD is happy to announce the winner of the 2015-16 Virginia J. Wagner Scholarship: Charnice Charmant (SC ‘16). This is an endowed award started by Virginia J. Wagner, an alumna from the University of Massachusetts. The scholarship is need-based and is awarded by recommendation of the faculty to students who have made substantial and valuable contributions to the Five College Dance Department.

Charnice is a consistently excellent student and member of the dance community at Smith College. She is a charismatic and skilled performer and is an active participant in the creative process. Charnice is an artist who, on the one hand, contributes richly to the development of the choreography through a process of critical engagement with the choreographer and fellow dancers, and, on the other hand, delivers physically captivating performances with high standards of technique, expressivity and musicality.

Charnice has been clear and positive in helping the Smith Department of Dance to grow by urging them to include more opportunities to study dance and dance theory from minority cultures. She is forthright in presenting the need to re-consider the role of race in dance and how this history is reflected in the cannon of choreographers that are studied within the Department while also being a healing influence as we work to come to terms with the on-going and often violent race issues in America. Charnice is a networker and community-builder in dance, at Smith College, and in the Five College Dance Department. Her social and intellectual interests stretch beyond the walls of any one group, and she brings them together to generate bigger coalitions and solutions.

We congratulate Charnice on this well-deserved award!