FCDD Crew Wars 2014-15 Results

[Crew Wars chicken trophies]Who gets the CHICKEN?? The trophies are moving!

Four winning campuses were named by the FCDD Crew Wars judges for the 2014-15 year.

Rating sheets and comments were meticulously analyzed by completely unbiased judges on June 5th over only a couple of beers. Honest.

UMass scored 5.174 out of a possible 5.0 points, making them the OVER-ACHEIVERS for the year. Their impressive list of bonus activities, possible Jean Baxter bribery, and stellar reception took them over the edge. We don’t like to use the words “first place” or “winners,” but they might...

Mount Holyoke College scored 5.139 out of a possible 5.0 points, making them the MEGA-STARS this year. They had exceptional leadership and teamwork and commendable bonus activities. The MHC Senior Concert crew also correctly guessed the number of bears in the bear jar without going over! See below for more details on that.

Smith College scored 4.971 out of a possible 5.0 points, making them the SUPER-STARS (trophy has a tail). They had consistently good teamwork, high spirits, a strong work ethic, and some great team photos and videos. 

Hampshire College receives the SUPER STARS Trophy (with no tail), scoring 4.828, with special points for group cohesion, enthusiasm, and front of house. 

Amherst College gets its own ceramic trophy, with bonus points for best poety.

!!! Bear count: The actual total number of bears in the bear jar for 2014-15 was 149! If the rules weren’t like The Price is Right, Julian Almeida’s MHC Faculty Concert crew would’ve gotten the prize (count: 153). If the FCDD Faculty Concert counted, Cathy Hwang’s FCDD Faculty Concert crew would’ve won (count 144), but, like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the points don’t matter. Congratulations to the actual winners: Paige Fortier’s MHC Senior Concert crew (count 139), and kudos to runner-up Barbie Diewald’s SC Faculty Concert crew (count 120).

All the campus dance crews should take pride in another "ridiculously-fun-hard-work" year. We look forward to another spectacular year in 2015-16!

Your fond judges,
Jean, Gwen, Ayumi, Larry, Brenda, Allison, Emily, Kathy, Elliott, Joanna, and Cathy M.

The judging criteria:

  • "Go for the perfect show"
  • ALL change-overs in 90 seconds or less
  • "Difficulty-rating" of show (flys, weird stuff, elephants)
  • "Difficulty-rating" of space -- why?
  • Is the whole crew dressed in black?
  • Meticulous cue-calling -- no errors noticeable to the audience
  • Front of house smooth and timely
  • Program -- no errors
  • Poster -- no errors
  • Attitude -- How are they having FUN?
  • Food -- Do they have chocolate? Other?
  • Special points added? Why?
  • Demerits? Why?
  • All performance reports turned in?

Check out the Crew Wars website at: http://fcddcrewwars.wikispaces.com/