Five College Dance Department & UMass to host ACDFA Conference

UMass Amherst/Five College Dance Department cordially invites faculty and students to participate in the American College Dance Festival Association's New England Conference, "The Rites of Spring," March 14-16, 2013, in Amherst, Massachusetts.  A centerpiece of the conference will be a performance by the Joffrey Ballet of Nijinsky's masterpiece, Rite of Spring, along with other activities by the Joffrey Ballet (tickets for the Joffrey performance will be sold separately from the conference fees).  We are planning an exciting celebration of dance in higher education with a wide variety of master classes, scholarly research presentations, opportunities for student and faculty exchanges in and out of the studio, adjudication and informal concerts, feedback sessions and video showings.  Additionally, special faculty seminars and workshops have been planned.

On Thursday night of the conference, the Joffrey Ballet will perform Nijinsky's classic 1912 dance The Rite of Spring, at the UMass Fine Arts Center. Set to Igor Stravinsky's riveting score, this dance created a riot in the audience when it was first performed 101 years ago. 
Tickets for the Joffrey performance must be purchased separately from the conference fees, and we encourage conference participants to purchase tickets early, by October, in order to ensure a seat. 


Ticket options:
- A limited number of $15 seats in the balcony are presently available. 
- All ACDFA participants may receive a 15% discount on "B" range seats (Sections 4, 5, and 6), regularly $40 (making them $34 each).  To secure this discount, you must call the Fine Arts Center Box Office (413) 545-2511 for ordering, and tell them the code "ACDFA."
- $50 tickets are also available in "A" range seats (Sections 1, 2, and 3), without a discount.   

For general information on the Joffrey performance, a seating chart, or for general ticket ordering, go to The Fine Arts Center website.  You may also call the UMass Fine Arts Center Box Office for any other queries or ordering, at (413) 545-2511.


Students at MHC and SC need to submit "housing-break" forms

BUS INFORMATION -- IMPORTANT TO ALL FCDD STUDENTS is the main page for ALL bus schedules.

Changed Schedules Apply To The Following From Friday, 3/15 To The Rest of Spring Break (primary ways to get to UMass):
38 (Mt Holyoke/ Hampshire/ Amherst/ UMass)- changed schedule on Friday the 15th and no bus on Saturday the 16th (
39 (Smith/ Hampshire/ Mt Holyoke)- changed schedule on Friday the 15th and no bus on Saturday the 16th (
40 (Smith/ UMass Mall)- changed schedule on Saturday the 16th (

Some of these buses may not be running at all. Check the other bus schedules found under the same tab or
under the Northampton tab to find one that is running.

No Changes On the Following Bus Schedules for Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th: 
31 (Sunderland/ South Amherst) at
43 (Northampton/ Hadley/ Amherst) at