Who We Are and Our Mission

Who We Are: Established in 1978, Five College Dance (FCD) is a creative and intellectual collaboration organized between the dance departments and programs at Amherst, Hampshire, Smith, Mount Holyoke Colleges and University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are a community of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars and artists. We create and amplify access to rich, varied artistic and academic opportunities in dance. Five College Dance is the largest academic program of the Five College Consortium.


Five College Dance advances embodied practice as a critical mode of inquiry, expression, and civic engagement across cultural and historical contexts. We cultivate new generations of artists, scholars, and practitioners to shape the field of dance and dance studies. 

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Links to the admissions offices at each member institution:

Amherst College
Hampshire College
Mount Holyoke College
Smith College
UMass Amherst

Links to the dance programs at each member institution:

Amherst College Theater and Dance Department
Hampshire College Dance Program
Mount Holyoke College Department of Dance
Smith College Department of Dance
UMass Amherst Dance Program