Dance-Specific Teaching Resources


Full list of resources from Dance Studies Association

Online University Dance Course Collaboration- Google sheet “created in response to University dance classes moving online as a result of the spread of COVID-19. This is intended for both seasoned online university dance instructors to share their knowledge (open-source), and as a reference for any instructors who are new to the online teaching and learning experience.”

Considerations for Moving  University Dance Online - Google Doc from DSA Webinar

Moving Your Movement-Based Course Online: Powerpoint from DSA Zoom presentation

A Review of Technology in Dance Education Articles in Research in Dance Education- by Melinda Buckwalter 

Creative Response Process Zoom Webinar - from Liz Lerman, Paloma McGregor and John Borstel

Liz Lerman’s Atlas of Creative Tools: three samples - video

How to Watch a Modern Dance - 5-minute video by Gesel Mason


Jacob’s Pillow Archive - extensive online collection of photographs and festival programs. Search entire collection of moving images, books, correspondence and other materials to learn more about past performances and artists, including Ted Shawn, Ted Shawn's Men Dancers, and the Denishawn Company.

Chicago Dance History Project - materials that record and preserve Chicago-based dance past and present.

Isadora Duncan Archive

Accelerated Motion - education modules and materials from Wesleyan University Press - “dynamic and interactive educational materials aimed at fostering a multidisciplinary understanding of how movement ideas are enacted in various aspects of American culture…”Depending on your interests, you may choose to follow either the Body in Society pathway with the module on Bodies and Machines, or the Resources for Teaching Dance History route with the section entitled Creating an American Identity. Both of these pathways provide scholarly combinations of primary texts, historical contexts, as well as illustrations and video excerpts of dances. In addition, we have included sample classroom exercises (in observation, writing, and critical discussion) in order to facilitate active learning and support educators who might not be familiar with dance as a humanistic discipline. “

MotionBank - research, scores, workshops, and documentation from William Forsythe’s four-year project. 


B2 dance-specific conditioning program - classes on video - video classes

Nancy Stark Smith teaches Mini Solo Underscore -- for use in a small space 

Ballez Everywhere - Katy Pyle’s short ballet classes on YouTube

Yoga from Autumn Mist Belk - full classes of different yoga styles, and a few short tutorials

MOVE - from Dancing Alone Together. an aggregation and schedule of dance-based live streaming classes.

Gaga Classes- 6 a day every day, held via Zoom, $5 suggested donation

Meditate Move Heal - free online movement, meditation, and healing session with Michelle Boulé

Social Dance for Social Distancing - Camille A. Brown & Dancers will be offering live social dance classes on Instagram @camilleabrown. ALL SOCIAL DANCE CLASSES will be held LIVE, Mondays at 2 P.M. EST. 

Hope Boykin teaches “Revelations”

Online Movement Resources -- a manageable list of online dance classes

Arabic-Rooted Contemporary Dance | Online Lesson - from Leila Awadallah

Ballet Hispanico - instagram account offers classes and archival recordings

Movement Research - virtual classes by donation ($14 suggested) most days of the week from NYC artists.


Holistic Guide to Dance Journaling Online -- free PDF


Dance Well - about health and wellness for dancers

Dance and Stuff - conversations and interviews by choreographer/performer Jack Ferver and dancer/costume designer Reid Bartleme. 

Pillow Voices: Dance Through Time - Jacob’s Pillow podcast using content from the archives

The Dance Union - conversations and interviews about dance and the field today by dancer/choreographers J. Bouey and Melanie Greene

Conversations on Dance- conversations with professional dancers by former ballerinas Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Breeden