Online Performance Projects and Readings


Dance-making prompts and communities- aggregated list from Dancing Alone Together

The Social Distancing Festival - “Artists near and far! In the spirit of CONNECTING, while being isolated and of continuing to CREATE while the world is on hold, I'm working on a project that brings together artists from different disciplines (Dancers, Musicians, Photographers, Poets, Painters) to express in our own unique ways how the current situations makes us FEEL. The final product will be a film incorporating all these different elements. Send your submissions to . Musicians, e-mail me to coordinate this recording.”

Forest Fringe Paper Stages – artists ask you to perform their works in locations around the city (or in your bedroom).


Resources for thinking about performing online - Compilation by performance studies prof. James Ball : “a set of resources theorizing, documenting, and analyzing performance online.How do social media users perform? What are the aesthetics of performance on youtube? How are artists extending their stages into online spaces? What does protest look like online? How do we conceive of the body in the ostensibly disembodied space of the digital?”