Five College Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Student Fellowships


The Five College Digital Humanities Program is pleased to announce the 2013 - 2014 winners of our Digital Humanities Student Fellowships. We received over twenty applications representing a range of interests across the humanities and arts, as well as across the Five Colleges in general. This year's recipients are: 


Amherst College, Class of 2014, Majors in English and Black Studies. 

PROJECT: To create a digital, multimedia essay that addresses issues of trauma and embodiment with respect to histories of enslavement. How do writers such as Harriet Jacobs, Toni Morrison, and Octavia Butler, as well as posthumanist performers like Janelle Monáe, escape the trauma of slavery by escaping the body? And how can a digital essay better tease out the links and themes of these texts?

Richelle Cohen

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Class of 2015, Majors in Computer Science and Linguistics

PROJECT: To build a proverb generator that uses computational methods to address questions of linguistic structure and artificial intelligence. By creating algorithms and databases of existing proverbs, the generator will create fabricated proverbs that nonetheless might pass as real. This project grows out of Richelle's work with Eitan Mendelowitz's Global Proverbs Project.

Sarah Hastings

Mount Holyoke College, Class of 2015, Major in Architectural Studies

PROJECT: To build a "Tiny House" of one hundred percent salvaged material, and to document the process and innate history of the structure using computer mapping, virtual floor plans, 3D renderings, and historical databases. The project addresses the relationship between physical and virtual media while investigating how local resources can be used to make environmentally sustainable structures. 

Gavriella Levy Haskell

Smith College, Class of 2015, Majors in Art History and Computer Science

PROJECT: To build a Java-based desktop applications that allows museums to easily create GPS-based audio tour apps for the iPhone. The apps will be individual to a cultural institution, allowing for easier customization and better branding than with a universal app. The project uses structures and resources on the Smith College campus as case studies.

Mariel Nyröp

Hampshire College, Division III, Concentrations in Digital Media and Cultural Theory

PROJECT: To build an online platform and curate a live symposium that creatively interrogate relationships between cloud computing, online sharing, Big Data, and physical interpersonal interaction. The piece will playfully refigure the languages of online interaction to create an interface that collects, hosts, and invents born-digital work.