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Below you can find lists of our current and past faculty and staff projects, with brief summaries and project organizers. The projects are organized in reverse chronological order by date of funding. For more information, please go to

Current Projects: 


Project Organizers: Jon Caris (Director of the Spatial Analysis Lab, Smith College), Jeffrey Moro (Senior Post-Baccalaureate Resident in Digital Humanities), Eric Poehler (Assistant Professor of Classics, UMass Amherst). 

The aim of the AIRLab is to investigate how to engage, in practical and critical terms, civilian drone technology in the undergraduate classroom. In particular, the AIRLab will use civilian drones as a jumping-off-point to consider the emerging relationships between humans and robots, and as a touchstone to encourage students to ask questions of and influence the future creation of these relationships. Click here to learn more about Make.Alt.Drone. 

The Spaces of Mexico City

Project Organizers: Dana Leibsohn (Professor of Art, Smith College), Barbara Mundy (Associate Professor of Art History and Music, Fordham University). 

SoMeC was conceived by Professors Dana Leibsohn (Smith College) and Barbara Mundy (Fordham University) with the goal of creating born-digital research. In its first iteration, the project comprises a suite of undergraduate seminars, a suite of public (Five College) seminars, and an online historical atlas. Through these forms and formats, SoMeC examines how cartography can open onto contingent, and at times competing spatial and visual experiences in the past. Click here to learn more about The Spaces of Mexico City. 

Timeline of LGBT Political Landmarks in the Americas

Project Organizers: Javier Corrales (Professor of Political Science, Amherst College), Gretchen Gano (Social Science Librarian, Amherst College), Kelcy Shepherd (Head of Digital Programs, Amherst College)

The LGBT Political Landmarks in the Americas project is an interactive timeline charting significant events in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) activism in the Americas and around the World. In addition, the timeline serves as an open access data visualization platform for an extensible digital data collection. Click here to learn more about the Timeline of LGBT Political Landmarks in the Americas. 

Valley Women's History

Project Organizers: Laura Lovett (Associate Professor of History, UMass Amherst)

Through the creation of a Five College Digital History Toolkit, the Valley Women’s History (VWH) project aims to develop multi-institutional digital resources that foster the collection and presentation of local women’s histories by teams of students, faculty and staff from the Five Colleges. Click here to learn more about Valley Women's History. 

Zine Scenes

Project Organizers: Alana Kumbier (Critical Social Inquiry & Digital Pedagogy Librarian, Hampshire College), Michele Hardesty (Assistant Professor of US Literatures in the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College), Leslie Fields (Head of Archives and Special Collections, Mount Holyoke College).

The Zine Scenes project is a simultaneously archival and inventive initiative led by Alana Kumbier (project leader), Michele Hardesty, and Leslie Fields. ‘Zine Scenes’ is the name of the project’s final format: an interactive website with narrative game elements through which visitors can encounter zines and the subcultures in which they were produced and circulated. Click here to learn more about Zine Scenes.

Cultural Computation Lab

Project Organizers: Eitan Mendelowitz (Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Smith College), Robert Rothstein (Professor of Judaic & Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature, UMass Amherst)

The Cultural Computation Lab applies computational methods to questions of culture. The lab focuses on the creation, curation, analysis, and visualization of corpora containing cultural or humanistic data. The application of computational methods to cultural data is inherently interdisciplinary requiring understanding and collaboration across many different fields. Click here to learn more about the Cultural Computation Lab. 

Five College Digital Humanities Faculty Fellowships

Project Organizers: Caro Pinto (Library & Instructional Technology Liaison, Mount Holyoke College), Kate Freedman (Research Librarian, UMass Amherst)

The goal of this program is to build the foundation for a long-term collaboration in the digital humanities at the Five Colleges. By bringing together faculty, librarians, and technologists across the campuses, this program will foster both formal and informal connections that will help to create a sustainable community of practice to help make digital literacies a larger part of the humanities curriculum of the Five Colleges. Sessions will focus on teaching introductory to advanced facets of digital literacy. Click here to learn more about the Five College Digital Humanities Faculty Fellowships. 

Historic Dress Project

Project Organizers: Kiki Smith (Professor of Theater, Smith College), Elisa Lanzi (Director of Digital Strategies and Services, Smith College), Marla Miller (Professor of History, UMass Amherst)

The project focuses on women’s clothing and accessories worn in America from 1770 to 1930.  The topic resonates in diverse fields of study including: gender studies, material culture, theater, art, social history, and economics to name a few. This will be the first participatory digital library on the subject open to a wide range of contributing institutions. Click here to learn more about the Historic Dress Project. 

Modern Technology / Ancient Manuscripts

Project Organizers: Michael Penn (Professor of Religion, Mount Holyoke College), Nicholas Howe (Professor of Computer Science, Smith College)

This project builds a student-centered, collaborative initiative to digitize and analyze a series of ancient manuscripts held across the Five Colleges. Click here to learn more about Modern Technology / Ancient Manuscripts. 

New Technologies and the Curatorial Imaginary

Project Organizers: Karen Koehler (Professor of Architectural and Art History, Hampshire College), Christoph Cox (Professor of Philosophy, Hampshire College), Jennifer Gunter King (Head of Libraries, Hampshire College) 

This project funds a series of student internships that arise from the Hampshire College Institute for Curatorial Practice. Click here to learn more about New Technologies and the Curatorial Imaginary. 

Promoting Bilingual Literacy through Digital Storytelling

Project Organizers: Rogelio Miñana (Professor of Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies, Mount Holyoke College)

Project SHHARE (Springfield and Holyoke Health Alliance for Research and Engagement), a partnership of Smith, UMass, and Mount Holyoke with various health and media community organizations aims to develop and implement an interdisciplinary and community-based course that will allow our students, over the next two years, to examine how digital storytelling (DST) may enhance bilingual literacy.