Performance Ensembles

To provide a wide variety of opportunities for singers and players to study and perform on many levels, the Five College Early Music Program sponsors a number of performing ensembles, open by audition or permission of the instructor. Ensemble credit is available for UMass, MHC, and HC students.

The Five College Early Music Collegium: for singers interested in large-scale Renaissance choral works, one-on-a-part ensembles, and/or occassional solos; historical instrumentalists of all sorts. The Collegium singers and wind players rehearse on Tuesday evenings; string players TBA. Great fun!  Fall 2015 at UMass; singers 7-9, wind players 6:30 - 8:00

Euridice Ensembles: our umbrella organization for faculty/student chamber groups specializing in 17th and 18th century music. Modern and early string, wind, and keyboard players from all five campuses are invited to participate in these historical performance-oriented bands. Be coached and play or sing alongside recognized professionals! Orchestra meets at UMass Thursdays 6-8;  chamber ensembles TBA

Voces Feminae: our womens' vocal ensemble, a small ensemble of women's voices concerned primarily but not entirely with Medieval repertory. Meets at Smith Wednesdays 7-9

Continuo Song Seminar for keyboard players, lutenists, gambists, cellists and singers. Masterclass format; performances at the end of the semester. Schedule TBA

Medieval Ensembles: Gregorian Chant Schola, medieval instrumental and vocal ensemble Meets at UMass Friday AM; exact schedule TBA

Improvisation Ensemble:  Learn how to make stuff up Renaissance style, working from 16th century instruction manuals.