Five College Consortium

Five College Ethnomusicology Program

Faculty Profiles


Jeffers Engelhardt 
Associate Professor, Anthropology of Music, Amherst College. B.M. Oberlin Conservatory, M.A., Ph.D. in Music, University of Chicago. Music and religion, Europe and the Finno-Ugric world, community ethnography, human and cultural rights, music and postsocialism.
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Rebecca Miller
Professor of Music, Hampshire College.
A.B., Bryn Mawr College. M.A. Wesleyan University. Ph.D. Brown University. Music of the Caribbean; popular and traditional musics of North America; music journalism; applied ethnomusicology; Irish traditional and popular music; old time (Appalachian) string band music. Performance: old time ensembles and klezmer bands.
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Junko Oba

Associate Professor of Music, Hampshire College. B.A., International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, M.A., Ph.D, Wesleyan University. Research interests: Japanese traditional and contemporary popular musics, East Asia, Asian Diasporas (Nikkei Brazilian communities in Japan, in particular), national identity in the trans- and post-national world orders, applied ethnomusicology (sound record archiving), organology and musical instrument building.

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Fumi Okiji

Assistant Professor of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, UMass Amherst. Black feminist poethics, German critical theory, black expressive culture, black feminist theory, improvisation



Olabode Omojola 
Five College Professor of Music, Mount Holyoke College. M.A. University of Ibadan. Ph.D. University of Leicester. Indigenous and modern musical traditions; African and world music traditions; African music and ethnomusicology.
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Marianna Ritchey[Marianna Ritchey photo]

Assistant Professor of Music, UMass Amherst. B.A. Lewis and Clark College, M.A., Ph.D. University of California Los Angeles. Research interests: nineteenth-century romanticism, Berlioz, literature, contemporary classical music, economics, neoliberalism
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Jason Robinson 
Associate Professor of Jazz & Popular Music, Amherst College; M.A. & Ph.D., University of California, San Diego; Focus and Research: Improvised music and experimentalism in African American and African diasporic music. Teaching: Jazz, Popular Music and Urban Ethnography.
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Margaret Sarkissian 
Professor of Music, Smith College. M.A. and Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Musics of Southeast and East Asia, especially Malaysia; popular music of the Islamic world, music and tourism. Performance: gamelan.
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Stephanie Shonekanstephanieshonekan.jpg

Professor and Chair of Afro-American Studies, UMass Amherst. M.A. University of Ibadan. Ph.D Indiana University. Music and Culture of Africa and the African Diaspora, including Nigerian afrobeat and hiphop as well as American hiphop and country music.

Steve Waksman 
Professor of Music and American Studies, Smith College. M.A. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Ph.D. University of Minnesota. American popular music; African American music; music and race; music and sexuality; the history of musical instruments (especially the guitar).
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Ensemble Directors

Faith Conant
Instructor of Music Five Colleges. B.A. Wesleyan University, M.A. Tufts University. Performance: Five College West African Music Ensemble. Interests: Music, poetry and language from southern Togo, Ghana, Benin and Haiti.



Prof. Sumarsam
Adjunct Professor, Music Department, Wesleyan University. B.A. Akademi Seni Karawitan, M.A. Wesleyan University, Ph.D. Cornell University. Director of the Smith College Gamelan Ensemble. Indonesian music and theater, focusing on the performance, history and theory of gamelan and wayang. 
Performance: gamelan.
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