2012 Department Chairs & Program Heads Meeting, Smith College

Five College Meeting of Department Chairs & Program Heads
Saturday September 29, 2012
Smith College

Table of Contents of Materials Handed Out:


List of Accelerated Master's Programs (with advisors)

UMass Amherst Accelerated Masters Programs Handout

Team Based Learning at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (video)

“Networked Musical Performance Within and Beyond Five Colleges”
Jason Robinson (Music, Amherst College)

Faculty Seminar Guidelines

Lecture Fund Guidelines

Summary of Requests for Proposals for Five College Funding (in order of proposal deadline):
            Five College Multicultural Theater Artist Residencies (due 10/5/12 for Spring 2013)
            Five College Digital Humanities (due 11/30/12, 3/22/13, and 5/24/13)
            Five College Research Fellowships, Residencies and Visiting Positions for 2013-14 and
                2014-15 (due 12/3/12)
            Concept Papers for Advancing Five College Cooperation (due 12/17/12)
            Long-term Five College Joint Faculty Positions (due 2/4/13)
            Using Technology to Support Cross-Campus Learning (due 2/4/13)
            Five College Faculty-Student Summer (2013) Research Seminars (due 12/15/13)

List of expected attendees by discipline and institution with breakout session room detail

Map of Smith Campus

Breakout Facilitator’s Form

List of expected attendees in alphabetical order

List of Five College Joint Faculty Appointments, 2012-13

List of Chairs/Directors/Coordinators of Five College Programs, Departments, Centers, and Councils

Student Interchange Enrollment Data for 2011-12 and earlier years

Mellon Grant for Curricular Innovations

New Faculty Exchange Form

Revised Composite Smith-Mount Holyoke Bus Schedule