Faculty Exchange/Borrow

Faculty exchange or borrow affords a number of advantages to a faculty participant, including the chance to get to know colleagues and students at another campus and to experience teaching at a different institution. From an institutional perspective, faculty exchange enables departments to enrich their curricular options by drawing on expertise from the other campuses, as well as to address temporary staffing needs.

Straight Exchange of Faculty Members and Their Courses
. . . between departments, which results in the course load remaining the same for both faculty members;

Overload Borrowing
. . . for which the faculty member borrowed teaches the course at the borrowing institution as an overload and is compensated for that extra teaching;

Released-Time Borrowing
. . . for which the course is taught by the borrowed faculty member as part of the normal full-time teaching load. The lending campus may or may not be reimbursed depending on the agreement.

Starting the Process

Initial exploration of an arrangement begins with a conversation between the borrowing department head and the faculty member. See instructions for the full details of the approval process.

An application for approval of an exchange is initiated by the faculty member and must be evaluated by the department chairs and approved by deans or provosts at the lending and borrowing institutions.

View the instructions for a Five College Faculty Exchange or Faculty Borrow

View a list of deans or provosts to contact for Five College Faculty Exchange or Faculty Borrow Approvals.

Download the PDF form to use in applying for approval of a faculty exchange.

Download a full PDF packet containing the instructions, contact list and form.

Faculty members at the colleges may agree to supervise graduate student theses or serve on supervising committees at the University. A number of college faculty members have adjunct status at the University (see also UMass/Five College Graduate Program in History).

For more information, contact Jana Allen, (413) 542-4009.

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