Faculty Seminar Expenditure Guidelines

  1. Appropriated funds from Five Colleges, Incorporated, cover such things as honoraria and expenses for outside speakers, meals for Valley speakers, room charges, refreshments, and administrative costs for copying, postage, and the like.

  2. If honoraria checks are needed by a certain time, they should be requested ten (10) days in advance, in writing, and should include a completed W9 form from the speaker, as well as the address to which the check should be sent. Appropriate receipts should be submitted with requests for reimbursements of out-of-pocket expenses. All requests for reimbursements should be made by the seminar Chair. The Chair should initial other bills to be paid (showing name of seminar involved) and then forward them to the Five College Office for payment. Do NOT have bills sent directly to Five Colleges, Inc.

  3. Seminar Dinner Expenses: Restaurants and catering services should not send bills directly to Five Colleges, Inc. Seminar participants other than the “speaker” should pay directly for their meals or reimburse the seminar Chair.

  4. The fiscal year of Five Colleges, Inc., ends on June 30. In order to process bills by that date, we must receive all outstanding statements or expenditures of your seminar by June 15. Bills received after June 30 will be charged to the next year’s budget. Funds unexpended by June 30 may NOT be carried over to the following fiscal year.

  5. Please keep an informal account of your expenditures to avoid the danger of going over your budget. Five Colleges, Incorporated, cannot cover expenditures beyond the funds allocated to your seminar.

Please contact Ray Rennard with any questions.

Please note: below are both Microsoft Word and PDF version's of our Business Office's Five College Reimbursement Request form

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