Five College Consortium

Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the application process via Interfolio, please send them an email at, or give them a call during their support hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST
(202) 738-5322
(877) 997-8807 (Toll Free)

How do I know whether or not you've received my application materials through Interfolio?

A successful electronic delivery to our committee via your Interfolio account will result in you receiving a delivery confirmation email and a unique Delivery ID for that application. You need not inquire further as to whether your materials have been received if you have attained a delivery confirmation email and a unique Delivery ID.

What do I do if one of my letters of recommendation is not showing up on Interfolio as having been submitted?

First, be certain that your recommender has in fact uploaded their letter to your Interfolio account. Please note: if your recommender submits a letter of recommendation to your Interfolio account after you have submitted the bulk of your documents, you must append it to the rest of your application for the fellowship position from your personal Interfolio account.

What if one of my recommenders wants to email or send via post their letter of recommendation for me?

All materials regarding your application must be submitted electronically via your Interfolio account. If your recommender is experiencing any difficulty with this process, please be in touch with Interfolio Support directly (toll free) at 877-997-8807.

Do I need to submit a Cover Letter with my application?

Yes, a Cover Letter is one of the documents required for your application.

When composing my Cover Letter, who should I address it to?

We recommend addressing your Cover Letter "To Whom It May Concern," especially as multiple people may end up viewing your application, such as members of the search committee, and members of multiple departments on multiple campuses.

Is January 5, 2015 a hard deadline for application submission for the Fellowship, or is there a rolling deadline?

January 5, 2015 is the date we expect to begin review. It is not a deadline. We will accept applications right up until the new Fellows are named. To be sure your application has the best chance of review, you should submit as close as possible to January 5.

How many Fellowships are awarded each year?

Normally, four fellowships are awarded each year, one based at each of the four liberal arts colleges in the Consortium -- AmherstHampshireMount Holyoke and Smith.

Who is eligible to apply for the Five College Fellowship Program?

The program supports scholars from under-represented groups and/or scholars with unique interests and histories whose engagement in the Academy will enrich scholarship and teaching.  You will have an opportunity in your personal statement to explain how your participation in the Five College Fellowship Program will contribute to diversity in the academy. (Your statement may take into account factors such as: program of study; experience of cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity; socioeconomic background; ethnic, racial, cultural background and experience; educational and work experience; other life experience; geography; experience or interest in working with underserved populations; and similar factors.)

How close to completing my dissertation should I be before applying?

In general, successful candidates are expected to complete their dissertations during the Fellowship year.

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as they are doctoral students completing dissertations.

Are candidates working in certain fields not eligible for fellowships?

The committee welcomes applications from candidates in all fields. However, applications are strongest when candidates suggest connections between their work and fields commonly taught at Amherst,HampshireMount Holyoke and Smith colleges.

Should I specify which of the schools where I would like to be a Fellow?

Application is to the Program, not to a specific hosting campus. Applications are reviewed by a committee composed of faculty members from each of the liberal arts colleges in the consortium (AmherstHampshire,Mount Holyoke and Smith). This committee selects Fellows, matching them to hosting institutions and departments based on several factors, including the fields and special interests of the candidate, the availability of mentors on the campuses, campus needs, and prospects for position openings in particular fields at particular campuses. In any case, the Five College office works to connect Fellows with resources and faculty colleagues in their field from across the five campuses, regardless of the campus hosting them.

How much can I write in the answer sections?

The space in the answer areas is almost limitless. You can enter as much information as you want. Remember, though, your readers will appreciate concision.

Should my referees send their letters to someone, or will they be contacted? If so, when will you contact them?

You will have the opportunity to add confidential letters of recommendation during the application process on Interfolio.  The system will allow you to notify your referees of your request for a letter.  Your referees may either submit their letters electronically via the Interfolio website or they may mail them to Interfolio.  An Interfolio FAQ page for referees can be found here:

Will I be able to access the application interface using my browser?

Google Chrome is not compatible with the current application interface, but Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari work fine. (You should, however, be sure you are using the most current version.)

What course would I teach during my Fellowship?

The course offered during the Fellowship is up to the Fellow and the hosting department, but generally relates closely to the Fellow’s interests.  Occasionally, by mutual agreement the course is team taught with a member of the hosting department.  Mentioning in your application some courses you would like to offer is  not a bad idea.  As you prepare your application, it might be helpful to review courses currently being offered in your field at our campuses by visiting campus websites and the Five College course guide (