Fellowship FAQ

If you have any questions regarding the application process via Interfolio, please send them an email at help@interfolio.com, or give them a call during their support hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST
(202) 738-5322
(877) 997-8807 (Toll Free)

How do I know whether or not you've received my application materials through Interfolio?

A successful electronic delivery to our committee via your Interfolio account will result in you receiving a delivery confirmation email and a unique Delivery ID for that application. You need not inquire further as to whether your materials have been received if you have attained a delivery confirmation email and a unique Delivery ID.

What do I do if one of my letters of recommendation is not showing up on Interfolio as having been submitted?

First, be certain that your recommender has in fact uploaded their letter to your Interfolio account. Please note: if your recommender submits a letter of recommendation to your Interfolio account after you have submitted the bulk of your documents, you must append it to the rest of your application for the fellowship position from your personal Interfolio account.

What if one of my recommenders wants to email or send via post their letter of recommendation for me?

All materials regarding your application must be submitted electronically via your Interfolio account. If your recommender is experiencing any difficulty with this process, please be in touch with Interfolio Support directly (toll free) at 877-997-8807.

Do I need to submit a Cover Letter with my application?

Yes, a Cover Letter is one of the documents required for your application.

Is January 6, 2014 a hard deadline for application submission for the Fellowship, or is there a rolling deadline?

January 6, 2014 is the date we expect to begin review. It is not a deadline. We will accept applications right up until the new Fellows are named. To be sure your application has the best chance of review, you should submit as close as possible to January 6.