Statement of General Policies that Apply to Five College Joint Faculty Appointees
and Faculty Members Exchanged with or Borrowed by Other Campuses
January 2015

Approved by the Five College Deans, June 2014

The following policies apply to all Joint Faculty Appointees and other faculty members teaching at campuses in the Five College Consortium other than their home campuses insofar as these policies and procedures are permitted under relevant employment law.

 1)      Faculty conduct.  Each faculty member is to observe the policies on employee and faculty conduct, including those policies on harassment, sexual harassment and consensual relations, at each campus where the faculty member works or teaches.  Each faculty member is responsible for learning and then observing these policies.  Here are links to individual campus policies and procedures on:

Employee and faculty conduct

Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Related Policies

2)      Procedures for and participation in investigations of policy violations on any of the campuses and subsequent disciplinary procedures, if appropriate. Generally, the campus where the offense occurs will conduct the investigation; however, each campus retains discretion to conduct its own investigation and take appropriate disciplinary action. Any campus that conducts an investigation is obliged to share the existence of the investigation and the results of the investigation with the home campus chief academic officer and the home campus Human Resources department. If the offense did not occur on a campus, or if the offense occurred on one campus but involves policies or procedures of another campus or students or employees of that other campus, the chief academic officers will confer and select the campus to do the investigation and discipline.  Procedures for investigation and discipline with regard to work at the campus where the offense occurred must follow those normally available to full-time faculty members or part-time faculty members at the campus doing the investigation, respectively, depending on whether the faculty member’s overall appointment is full-time or part-time.

 3)      Regulations governing teaching and grading.   Each faculty member is to teach each course in accordance with the policies governing courses, academic conduct and grading at the campus by which the course is offered. Here are links to individual campus policies and procedures on:

Academic Calendars/Schedules

Academic Integrity Policies/Honor Code

Grading Policies