Grading Policies


Amherst College Course Catalog, Section 4, p. 66

Grades in courses are reported in three categories:
Passing Grades = A+, A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C–, D, Pass
Failing Grade = F
Term averages and cumulative averages are reported on a 14- point scale
rounded to the nearer whole number. The conversion equivalents are: A+ = 14,
A = 13, A– = 12; B+ = 11, B = 10, B– = 9; C+ = 8, C = 7, C– = 6; D = 4, F = 1. A Pass does
not affect a student’s average.

Grade Deadlines

Pass/Fail Deadline: Amherst College Course Catalog, Section 4, p. 67

Amherst College students may choose, with the permission of the instructor, a
pass/fail arrangement in two of the 32 courses required for the degree, but not in
more than one course in any one semester. The choice of a pass/fail alternative must
be made by the last day of add/drop at the beginning of the semester and must have
the approval of the student’s advisor. No grade-point equivalent will be assigned to
a “Pass,” but courses taken on this basis will receive either a “P” or an “F” from the
instructor, although in the regular evaluation of work done during the semester the
instructor may choose to assign the usual grades for work submitted by students
exercising this option. First-year students, who have the privilege of withdrawing
from one course without grade penalty, and transfer students, who have the privilege
of withdrawing from one course during their first semester at Amherst, must
take no less than three graded courses in each semester.



Mount Holyoke:

Handbook of Faculty Legislation, Section Three, p. 36

 I. Evaluation of Student Work by Faculty Members

The grading system shall be A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F to indicate the quality of the work. Recognizing that any system of grading is but a cryptic form of evaluation, members of the Faculty shall interpret the grades on individual pieces of work by detailed commentaries aimed at assisting students to evaluate their work.

An ungraded course shall not be counted in the cumulative average. For a course taken under the ungraded option, CR shall be recorded for a grade of A through D-; for an F, no credit shall be given, although the course will be recorded on the transcript with NC (No Credit).

In interpreting and implementing the legislation on evaluation, members of the Faculty shall follow the guidelines to be drawn up and reviewed periodically by the Academic Priorities Committee. These guidelines shall be publicized through annual distribution by the Dean of Faculty to appropriate members of the College community. [See Appendix VII]

A cumulative average of 2.00 shall be required of all students for graduation. Ranking will be computed only when needed for the internal determination of academic awards, and no permanent record of relative class standing shall be kept.

An instructor may change a grade recorded in the Office of the Registrar only with the permission of the Academic Administrative Board.

 V. Reports

A. By Members of the Faculty

The instructor shall report to the Registrar the grade for the semester's work of each student. This report shall be sent if possible within three days, but not later than one week after the end of the examination period.

The instructor shall not report to a student any examination or course grade until after the end of the examination period.


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