Five College Consortium

Five College Center for East Asian Studies (FCCEAS)

2018 NCTA Online Seminar

War and Peace: Voices from Japan

Five College Center for East Asian Studies

NCTA online seminar

January 22-April 16, 2018

Anne Prescott, instructor

*Please note: The seminar is now full and the course has begun.*

In this 12-week online course, we will consider the experiences of the people of Okinawa, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, both in war time 1945 and in post-1945 peace time. What can we learn from the experiences of these people? How have their experiences informed discussions in Japan about war and peace? How can we incorporate the voices from Japan in our classrooms? The objective of this course is not to debate who was/is “right” or “wrong,” but to carefully consider the experiences and voices of the people in Japan who were impacted by the events to be discussed.

Course materials will include books, newspaper articles, primary-source documents, webinars, and other web-based materials. All required materials will be provided; books will be mailed and articles will be uploaded to the course Moodle (

Participants will complete required weekly readings, participate in weekly online discussions, view eight archived one-hour webinars, and participate in two synchronous one-hour webinars. (Synchronous participation is strongly encouraged, but these presentations will be recorded for those who cannot attend.)

Each participant will be required to post one question and one comment prompted by each of the readings and each of the webinars on the course Moodle. A final classroom implementation plan is also required.

We welcome K-12 teachers from any discipline who are able to incorporate Japanese views of WWII and/or post-war peace in their classrooms. Please note that not all material may be suitable for all grade levels, but all contribute to your general understanding of the topic.

Participants who successfully complete all of the course requirements by the deadline will receive a $125 stipend, a one-year subscription to Education about Asia and a certificate of completion for 40 contact hours. Please note: we are not able to grant any state-specific certificates or professional development hours/credits. We are also not able to offer graduate credit for this seminar. Participants will also be eligible to apply for future NCTA enrichment offerings, including subsidized study tours to East Asia (as funding is available). Participants who do not complete the course will be required to return the books or pay for them ($150).

There are no prerequisites for this seminar, but some familiarity with the Battle of Okinawa and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be helpful. We expect that the weekly time commitment will be approximately four to six hours inclusive of all activities. Participants will have access to materials prior to the beginning of the course and may read ahead. Books will be mailed in mid-December, and participants will be able to access all required online readings at least two weeks in advance of the start of the course. Archived webinars are available as soon as you register for the course, and may be watched at any time. Three “catch-up weeks,” with no required course activities, have also been scheduled (see below).

Space is limited to 30 participants, so apply early.The seminar is now full. Additional registrants will be placed on the wait list and will be accepted if and when space becomes available Acceptance is on a rolling basis. Educators who have previously completed an NCTA seminar may apply. Under the terms of our funding, we may not be able to accept teachers outside of the U.S. If you are a K-12 teacher who is not teaching in the U.S. and are interested in participating, please contact

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