Tōkaidō Walk for the General Public

The general public is invited to participate on our virtual Tōkaidō walk by paying a registration fee of $7. This virtual walk is suitable for anyone who loves to walk, bike, or do another form of exercise.

Information on creating a MyVirtualMission account and joining our Tōkaidō mission will be sent to you by e-mail at the end of May, and you’ll be able to start walking on June 1. You will receive a list of the book assigned to those enrolled in the K-12 educator program so that you may complete the readings if you wish. This summer program ends on September 6.

You must fill out two forms to be registered. Please read carefully.
1) the payment form (immediately below) and
2) the registration form (below that).
After you complete the payment process, please return to this page, scroll down to the registration form, and complete that form. Your registration isn't complete until you fill out both forms.

If you have any questions, e-mail fcceas@fivecolleges.edu.

Registration form