China Webinars

Presenter: Dr. Keisha Brown

*Buddhism Along the Silk Road--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Richard Taupier, UMass Amherst

*China at the Movies: Chinese History and Culture in Its Films--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Sue Tuohy, Indiana University

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Lipman, Mount Holyoke College emeritus professor

Presenter: Jeffrey Richey, Berea College

*Chinese Characters and the Stories They Tell
--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Megan Ferry, Union College

Disputed Names and Disputed Places in East Asia 
Presenter: Lauren McKee, Berea College

*Distant Voices: 19th Century American Diplomats, Missionaries, and Adventurers in East Asia--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: John Frank, Center Grove High School

*Foot Binding in China--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Paola Zamperini, Amherst College

Forbidden Temptation of Baseball, 2017 Freeman Book Award Winner 
Presenter: Dori Jones Yang, author 

General Douglas MacArthur: WWII in the Pacific
Presenter: James Zobel, MacArthur Memorial

*Getting a Hold on Contemporary Chinese Cities--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Kristin Stapleton, University at Buffalo

Imperial Beijing: The Design and Construction of the Northern Capital (11/18/20)
Presenter : Dr. Aurelia Campbell

Jingdezhen Ceramics: Past, Present and Future of the Art, Technology and Commerce 
Presenter: Stephen Powers

The Life and Times of General Douglas MacArthur
Presenter: Amanda Williams, MacArthur Memorial

Presenter: Bea Hesselbart, Smith College student

Mapping Our Connections: Ties that Bind the U.S. and Asia 
Presenters: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS and Karl Neumann, Dana Hall School

Moth and Wasp, Soil and Ocean: Remembering Chinese Scientist Pu Zhelong's Work for Sustainable Farming, 2018 Freeman Book Award Winner 
Presenter: Sigrid Schmalzer, author

Presenter: Jeffrey Richey, Berea College

Presenter: Jeffrey Richey, Berea College

Presenter: Jeffrey Richey, Berea College

Ties that Bind: Chinese in New England (and more) (7/23/20)
Presenter: Wing-kai To, Bridgewater State University

Ties that Bind: Chinese Women and the US (7/30/20)
Presenter: Dr. Nicole Barnes 

Presenters: Andrew Kung and Emanuel Hahn

A Time Capsule of Ancient China: Lady Dai and the Tombs of Mawangdui 
Presenter: Christine Liu-Perkins, author

Touching Home in China
Presenters: Melissa Ludtke and Fran Sterling

What Do They Teach? Textbooks in the U.S. and Asia
Presenter: Nayun Eum