General East Asia Webinars

Disputed Names and Disputed Places in East Asia
Presenter: Lauren McKee, Berea College

*Distant Voices: 19th Century American Diplomats, Missionaries, and Adventurers in East Asia--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: John Frank, Center Grove High School

General Douglas MacArthur: WWII in the Pacific
Presenter: James Zobel, MacArthur Memorial

How to Find Authentic Books about Asia from Asia
Presenter: David Jacobson

The Life and Times of General Douglas MacArthur
Presenter: Amanda Williams, MacArthur Memorial

Mapping Our Connections: Ties that Bind the U.S. and Asia 
Presenters: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS and Karl Neumann, Dana Hall School

Stories of Global Trade: Asia and the Americas
Presenter: Willamarie Moore, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

*A Summary of Mongolian History and Culture--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Richard Taupier

Ties that Bind: Peabody Essex Museum Asian Export Gallery (7/24/20)
Presenter: Karina H. Corrigan, H. A. Crosby Forbes Curator of Asian Export Art, Peabody Essex Museum

Presenter: Mindy Landeck, Austin College