North Korea and South Korea Webinars

*All About Korea--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Ann Martin Bowler, author

Disputed Names and Disputed Places in East Asia
Presenter: Lauren McKee, Berea College

*Distant Voices: 19th Century American Diplomats, Missionaries, and Adventurers in East Asia--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: John Frank, Center Grove High School

*Education in South Korea--contact FCCEAS for access
Presenter: Soo Kim, Smith College

Games of Strategy: Modeling Conflict and Cooperation in Korea
Presenter: Lauren McKee, Berea College

*Korean Reunification: A Bitter Taste of Paradise--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Jacques Fuqua, Auburn University Montgomery

*Korean Reunification: Party of Six? Your Table is Ready--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Mark Patterson, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School

*Korean Samulnori--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS

Mapping Our Connections: Ties that Bind the U.S. and Asia
Presenters: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS and Karl Neumann, Dana Hall School

North Korea: A Predictable Unpredictability
Presenter: Jacques Fuqua, author

The Silence of Bones (04/08/21)
2020 Freeman Book Award Honorable Mention Young Adult/High School
Presenter: June Hur, author

Presenter: Mindy Landeck, Austin College

What Do They Teach? Textbooks in the U.S. and Asia
Presenter: Nayun Eum