Taiwan Webinars

*The Art of Taiwanese Puppet Theater--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Dr. Robin Erik Ruizendaal, director, Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theater Museum

Presenter: Catherine Chou, Grinnell College

Presenters: David Bell and Yurika Kurakata
The Washington Post article referenced by Yurika on a Singapore quarantine experience.

Presenter: Sara Newland, Smith College

Disputed Names and Disputed Places in East Asia 
Presenter: Lauren McKee, Berea College

Green Island 
Presenter: Shawna Yang Ryan, author

Mapping Our Connections: Ties that Bind the U.S. and Asia 
Presenters: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS and Karl Neumann, Dana Hall School

*October 10 in Taiwan and Japan--contact FCCEAS for access 
Presenter: Anne Prescott, FCCEAS

Taiwan and the World 
Presenter: James Lin, University of Washington

Presenter: James Lin, University of Washington

Ties that Bind: Chinese in New England (and more) (7/23/20)
Presenter: Dr. Wing-kai To, Bridgewater State University