Five College Consortium

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages

Center Staff Members

Amy Wordelman, Director

Ph.D. Princeton University. Amy Wordelman became Director of the Center in July 2016 after serving as Interim Director and Associate Director. She has coordinated various aspects of FCCSWL's everyday operations, language programs, and grant-funded projects and materials development work since 1997. She handles admissions, advising, and course arrangements for the Center's language programs, serves as advisor for visiting international foreign language teaching assistants, and project manager for grant projects.  Prior to joining the staff of FCCSWL, she held visiting faculty positions at Oberlin College and Emory University.

Carson Carruth, Teaching Assistant for Hindi

B.A. University of Texas at Austin. Carson Carruth is a graduate of the Hindi-Urdu Flagship Program at the University of  Texas at Austin with majors in Linguistics and Asian Cultures and Languages. Carson conducts individual tutorials and conversation sessions with students studying Hindi on all five campuses.

Hayley Culver, Curriculum and Outreach Assistant

B.A. Mount Holyoke College. Hayley Culver works as a course organizer for the Supervised Independent Language Program. Hayley also coordinates outreach activities and curriculum development projects for the Center.

Anca Luca Holden, Language Pedagogy Specialist

Ph.D. University of Georgia. Anca Holden trains the Center’s foreign language teaching assistants and conversation partners. She also assists with conversation partner recruiting and interviewing and with some student interviewing and advising. She has taught German at Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Dana Hoover, American Sign  Language Mentor-Teacher

M.Ed. Boston University. Dana Hoover serves as the Mentor-Teacher for upper-level courses in American Sign Language offered through FCCSWL.  She also teaches beginning-level courses in American Sign Language through Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Theo Hull, Program Assistant

B.A. Smith College. Theo Hull works as a course organizer for Mentored, Independent Plus, ASL and Arabic dialect courses. Theo also attends to the many administrative, record-keeping and logistical needs of the Center.

Tracy Kapezi, Post-Baccalaureate Specialist for Innovative Language Learning

B.A. Smith College. Tracy Kapezi assists with coordination and implementation of a wide variety of initiatives for innovative language teaching for the Five College Consortium. The initiatives are funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Agnes Kimokoti, Five College Swahili Mentor-Teacher

Ph.D. Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya). Agnes Kimokoti works with students studying Swahili through the Five College Mentored Swahili program. She conducts individual tutorials with students on all five campuses each week. She also leads some conversation sessions, courses in Advanced Swahili for Health Policy Studies and Advanced Swahili for Development Policy Studies, and special independent study courses for students using Swahili primary sources in senior theses and projects.

Aisha Kyalemile, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant for Swahili

B.A. Teofilo Kisanji University. Aisha Kyalemile conducts conversation sessions for students in the Five College Swahili program.

Tuğba Polatcan, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant for Turkish

B.A. Erciyes University.  M.A. Clark University.  Tuğba Polatcan conducts individual tutorials and conversation sessions for students in the Five College Turkish program.

Rebecca Thomas, Senior Program Assistant

B.A. Hampshire College. Rebecca Thomas works worked as the course organizer for the Supervised Independent Language Program for the past four years and is currently focused on various curriculum development projects. Rebecca has received a Fulbright English Language Teaching Assistant fellowship to Ecuador starting in late Fall 2017.

Elham Zandvakili, Teaching Assistant for Persian

Ellie Zandvakili is a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Ellie conducts individual tutorials and leads converation sessions for students in the Five College Persian program.

Conversation Partners and Peer-Tutors

In addition to mentor-teachers and teaching assistants, the Center hires 50-60 native speaking conversation partners and peer-tutors each semester.  Most of the conversation partners and tutors are enrolled as students at one of the five campuses of the consortium. Some are non-student members of our community.


Elizabeth H.D. Mazzocco, Director 1990-2014
Professor of Italian and Founding Director of the Five College Supervised Independent Language Program and the Five College Mentored Language Program
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