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Fall 2017 Independent Plus Courses

Indonesian and Urdu

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian - limited availability for Fall 2017

How to Apply


Independent Plus courses combine independent study with small group conversation sessions and one-on-one peer-tutoring. This format emphasizes speaking, listening, and basic literacy skills in the language; reading and writing practice reinforces developing oral skills. Students enrolled in Independent Plus courses need to be comfortable with self-directed language learning and with working in collaboration with a peer-tutor.

 An Independent Plus course consists of three parts:

  1. Individual work undertaken by the student each week based on structured study guides. The study guides provide detailed instructions for daily study and practice, homework to be submitted to the student’s portfolio, and preparation for conversation and peer-tutoring sessions.

  2. A weekly conversation session for practice of oral skills. Conversation sessions are small group sessions, typically only 1-3 students. The sessions emphasize practice using the language in ways similar to those students might encounter in real life. Conversation sessions are led by a native speaking conversation partner. Most conversation partners are Five College international students.

  3. A weekly one-on-one tutorial with a peer-tutor. Peer-tutors will help students with pronunciation practice, help students identify and self-correct errors in speech and written homework, and facilitate activities such as dictation and reading aloud. The peer-tutor will also help students understand and use idiomatic language or culturally complex expressions. Peer-tutors are Five College students who are native speakers of the language and receive special training in helping students express themselves in the language and in providing feedback that encourages self-correction and experimentation.

  4. Weekly submission of written homework assignments.

  5. A final oral evaluation given by a professor accredited in the target language.

Half Courses

Independent Plus courses are half courses. It takes four half courses (levels I, II, III, and IV) to complete the equivalent of one year of study in a traditional elementary-level classroom course.  Half courses require a minimum of 1 hour per day (7 or more hours per week) of individual study, a weekly 60-minute conversation session, and a weekly 30-minute meeting with a peer-tutor.

Credit for half courses: Half courses are worth 1.5 credits at UMass. Five College interchange credit is: Amherst  – ½ course; Hampshire –  ½ course; Mount Holyoke – 1.5 credits; Smith – 1.5 credits and at the elementary level two courses or the equivalent are required to receive credit.


How to Apply

Fall 2017 Independent Plus Courses

Independent Plus conversation sessions and peer-tutoring sessions are scheduled based on schedules submitted by enrolled students. Pre-registered students will be asked to submit schedule information at the end of the pre-registration period. Students applying after pre-registration will be asked to submit schedule information as part of the admissions process. Priority in scheduling will be given to students who apply and submitt schedule information by May 15, 2017.


Indonesian Courses

Indonesian I

Indonesian II

Indonesian III

Indonesian IV

Indonesian V, VI, VII, and VIII may also be available

Urdu Courses

Urdu I   

Urdu II

Urdu III

Urdu IV

Urdu V, VI, VII, and VIII may also be available

Urdu for Urdu-Hindi Speakers I and II will be available as mentored courses. These are courses for fluent speakers of Urdu or Hindi who want to learn to read and write in Urdu. See the Mentored Hindi course page.

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS)

NOTE: Admission to BCS courses will be limited for Fall 2017 because of  a shortage of conversaton partners/peer tutors. We may only be able to accommodate continuing students. Interested students should apply anyway, but may be put on a waiting list until we have somone available to work with them. 





BCS V, VI, VII, and VIII may also be available