Mentored Courses: How to Register

Questions?  E-mail, call 413-542-5264, attend a drop-in information session or make an advising appointment.

Time Table

Registration for Spring 2019 starts November 5, 2018. Admission is on a rolling basis. Applications will continue to be accepted through the first week of the semester as long as space remains available. Students applying by December 3, 2018 will receive priority in scheduling and course location, but we will continue to admit and schedule students through the start of the semester on a space available basis.

Common Question and Concern: The question: How hard is it to get admission to mentored language courses?  Concern: This is a different course format from what I am used to and I'm not sure if I can figure it out or handle it.  One answer: A  student who has earned grades of A and B in classroom language courses in the past will typically do fine in a mentored language course as long as the student is motivated to learned the language and has enough time to study. Motivated students with enough time to study will normally be admitted as long as space remains available that works with the student's schedule. If we have concerns about any of the above, we will invite you in for an advising appointment to discuss the course.

Center staff will help admitted students get accustomed to the different format. Each language has a dedicated staff member (called your 'course organizer') who will work with students to make sure everyone gets off to a solid start. Most students find they like the experience of learning in one-on-one and small group sessions. The format is especially condusive to developing usable communication skills in the language.

Registration Steps

  1. Read the course information page for the language you want to study: Hindi or Urdu, Persian, Swahili, or Turkish.
  2. Submit the online application.
  3. Do the online orientation tutorial and submit the tutorial response at the end. Your application will not be considered until you have completed the tutorial and submitted the response.
  4. You will receive instructions about how to complete registration through your home campus online system when we admit you to a specific course.
  5. IMPORTANT: Put the admissions email address ( in your email contacts list to avoid having messages go to spam. Also, if you have not heard back about your application within a day or two, check your spam and contact us if you have not heard received a response.

Continuing Students

A student who has taken a Mentored course before does not need to submit a new application. A continuing student should e-mail stating the language and level of course requested. Center staff members will reply with instructions about completing registration and schedule submission. Priority in scheduling sessions will go to continuing students who have submitted a course request and scehdule information by December 3, 2018. Continuing students submitted requests after December 3 will need to fit into remaining available slots.


A student who has prior experience with the language should contact the Center as soon as possible to arrange for a placement assessment. Requests for placements made after the pre-registration period cannot always be accommodated. A student who is currently abroad should e-mail the Center to make alternative application and placement arrangements.

Who is Eligible?

Mentored language courses are open to Five College undergraduate and graduate students. Some first-semester undergraduate students are eligible for Swahili, Hindi, Urdu or Turkish courses under certain limited circumstances. Policies vary by campus.  Interested first-semester undergraduates should contact the program for more information. First-year students may apply for any language for the second semester.

UMass continuing education students, faculty, staff, and community members are not eligible to enroll in this program or to audit courses in this program.