Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Courses for Fall 2019

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS) courses are now offered through the Supervised Independent Language Program.  Students who started studying BCS in the "Independent Plus" format will be able to continue in that format as long as conversation partner availability allows. New students should apply following the instructions for the Supervised Independent Language Program.

The primary textbook used for elementary and lower-intermediate courses is Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Textbook with Exercises and Basic Grammar (The University of Wisconsin Press, 2010) by Ronelle Alexander. The textbook provides vocabulary and grammar for all three dialects of the language. Each student may choose which dialect s/he will learn to speak and write. Students will be expected to comprehend the other dialects and to converse with the language tutor and conversation partners who may use different dialects. Courses currently appear on transcripts under the older language name "Serbo-Croatian."