Mellon Language Innovations

Collage of images related to language projects funded by Mellon FoundationIn 2015, Five Colleges received a 5-year, $2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support innovations and experiments in collaborative approaches to language teaching and learning.

The grant supported efforts across the five campuses to:

  • Encourage more students to study languages, particularly by making beginning study of those languages more accessible
  • Encourage more students to study languages at advanced levels
  • Enhance student learning of languages through the use of new resources and through pedagogies that support a wide range of learning styles and which create larger communities of language learners
  • Preserve collective capacity to offer a diverse array of languages at both elementary and advanced levels
  • Encourage more students in a wide range of majors to study languages at advanced levels

Materials supported by the grant, including syllabi, grammar videos, supplemental materials and exercises, textbooks, and more, are available for use by Five College faculty. View a list of grant-funded materials and how to access them.


Images from top left: 2017 Student Language Symposium; Russian Voices: Teaching Russian Cultural Competence, Listening Comprehension, and Speaking Skills Through Video Interviews (Irina Kogel); Japanese Extensive Reading Book Creation project (Yuki Yoshimura); Korean Grammar Essentials textbook (Suk Massey); "Green Italian" course on advanced Italian and the environment (Bruno Grazioli); Arabic Grammar videos (John Weinert)