Global Opportunities Web

The Five College Center for World Languages's Global Opportunities Web presents links to a wide selection of study abroad programs and opportunities for students of less-commonly studied languages. These programs offer a range of possibilities for learning the target language and gaining experience in a country where the language is spoken.

Planning for Study Abroad and Other Opportunities

Each of the Five Colleges has its own policies and guidelines regarding approval and credit for study abroad programs. Students should consult home campus study abroad offices for the most up-to-date information about approved and recommended programs. Students also need to consult with home campus study abroad offices and advisors about issues related to transfer of credit, fulfillment of major and degree requirements, and study abroad related financial aid.

Staff members of the Five College Center for World Languages can provide help with planning language study in order to take advantage of various global opportunities. Students are encouraged to contact the Center as early in their college career as possible. To set up an appointment, contact Center staff members can help with language planning issues such as: 

--choosing which language(s) to study if one hopes to travel or work in a particular country or region of the world; 

--determing the level of proficiency needed to meet various educational, career or personal goals and what combination of coursework and/or study-travel abroad would make that level of proficiency possible; 

--identifying appropriate Five College resources and other resources beyond the Five Colleges that can help students meet their language goals.

Students should be aware that sometimes it is possible to study a language while enrolled in a program at a major university abroad, even if the language is not a common or official language in that country. For example, the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies offers courses in many Asian and African languages and many universities in Australia have strong programs in southeast Asian languages such as Indonesian. Given current travel advisories in some countries, study at one of these universities might provide opportunities to pursue interests in a particular region or language while waiting for the travel situation to improve.