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Promo Video: Student Profiles

In this video, five students talk about their experiences learning less commonly taught languages at the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages (FCCSWL). They talk about study abroad, expectations prior to learning the language and different language teaching styles.

The students featured in this video are Alex Bogdan (UMass Amherst), Julia Gil (Hampshire College), Margaret Nakayima (UMass Amherst), Jane Viviano (UMass Amherst) and Sophia Deady (Smith College).

Student Profile: Margaret Nakayima (UMass Amherst)

In this video, Margaret talks about the reasons behind her decision of studying Swahili, how she sees the language benefiting her management major, how it's been for her to learn it under the Mentored Language Program (MLP) and similarities between languages she wouldn't have expected prior to studying them.

Student Profile: Alex Bogdan (UMass Amherst)

In this video, Alex talks about why he chose to learn Romanian, some abroad post-graduate opportunities he is considering, the importance of learning a language within the medical sciences and his experience learning through the Supervised Independent Language Course (SILP) format.

Student Profile: Sophia Deady (Smith College)

In this video, Sophia talks about why she decided to learn Sinhala, her post-graduate abroad ideas and how they tie to Sinhala, and her experience having gone through learning languages under different approaches, including the Supervised Independent Language Course (SILP) format.

Student Profile: Jane Viviano (UMass Amherst)

In this video, Jane talks about studying abroad during high school in Turkey, her expectations about studying abroad in Oman and the differences in studying Turkish through the Mentored Language Program (MLP), spoken Arabic through a Supervised Independent Language Program (SILP) and other languages in a more traditional format.

Student Profile: Julia Gil (Hampshire College)

In this video, Julia talks about studying abroad in Tanzania during her gap-year, why she decided to learn Swahili, her experience learning the language under the Mentored Language Program (MLP), how she sees herself using the language and how her language studies affect other areas of her life.

Student Profile Videos

Frances Black, Smith College class of 2014, discusses studying Turkish and Persian through the Mentored Language Program, the CLS summer program, and studying abroad in Turkey.

Oliver Spiro, University of Massachusetts Amherst class of 2013, discusses personal attention, motivation, the difference between mentored and supervised independent courses, and finding connections between Hindi, Thai, and Chinese.

Shijuade Amudat Idowu, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, 2011-2012, discusses her experience as a mentor for Yoruba language and the value of her fellowship year.

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages students discuss study abroad experiences in India, Jordan, and Tanzania.