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Department of Comparative Literature
UMass Amherst

How Literal Is This Reading? Contemporary Women Book Artists on the Reading Experience

Project Description: an examination of the work of contemporary women artists as they represent their own understanding and personal relationship to the book – exploring the conjunctures between a literal rendering of the book as objet d’art and/as an embodiment of the reading in both its haptic experience and cognitive resonance.


Department of Sociology
Mount Holyoke College

Globalization and Local Resistance in the Media: Welfare Rights Discourses in Israel and Massachusetts

Project Description: an intersectional analysis of news media discourses on welfare mothers’ movements in Israel and in Massachusetts.


Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
UMass Amherst 

Noir Genre and Detective Fiction by Contemporary Spanish Female Authors: From 1990 to the Present

Project Description: an interdisciplinary study tracing the evolution of the representation of women in Spanish noir and detective fiction of female authorship.

Spring 2014


Department of English and American Studies
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The Queer Lesbian Spaces of Postfeminist Cinema

Project description: an exploration of the contradiction surrounding the figure of the lesbian on the contemporary screen who, at the threshold of the convergence between queer and feminist discourses, is marked by a paradoxical burden of visibility and invisibility. The cinematic terms of this visibility are analyzed along with its correspondence with the problematic emergence of postfeminism.


Department of Sociology
University of Tasmania, Australia

Remembering Mothers: Family Photography and Cultural Memory

Project description: an examination of Tasmania as a case study to argue that family photographs of pregnancy have an enormous unacknowledged influence on how Australians think, in cultural terms, about women’s bodies and motherhood.


Department of Communication Studies
University of York, United Kingdom

Bridging Social Capital in a Hostile Environment: Social Media Potential for Empowering Egyptian Women

Project description: how young Egyptian women utilize social media as alternative resources to the hostile state-run media through which they could build their agency and act collectively/correctively to claim their rights.


Fall 2013


Department of Film, Television and Media Studies
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Gendering Political Communication? The 2012 US Presidential Election

Project Description: an analysis of how gendered issues are discussed during election campaigns, whether the online tools used for such discussions are gendered in the process of political communication and the role that gendered political actors play in this process. 


Department of Transmedia
Syracuse University

Feminist Technology

Project Description: an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about the lack of women in tech spaces through the making of art and cultural projects.  


Department of Film, Television and Media Studies

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Lust in Translation: Sex Museums and Transnational Flows of Erotic Discourse

Project Description: a comparative study of sex museums in Asia, Europe, and the US that considers how sexual discourses, objects, and media travel transnationally.