Five College Women's Studies Research Center

Past Research Associates

2012-2013 Research Associates

Fall 2012 Research Associates and Center staff

Suzon Fuks
Founder & Artistic Director, Waterwheel & Igneous, Inc., Brisbane, Australia
Waterwheel & Gender

Salome M. Kahiu
Independent Communications Consultant, Nairobi, Kenya
Perfectly Transparent: Will the Promise of a “Perfect” World Render Us the Definitive Vessels for Surveillance?

Fungai Machirori
Founder and Editor, Her Zimbabwe
Her Zimbabwe: Exploring the Heterogeneity of the Female Zimbabwean Experience Through a Women's New Media Platform

Disha Mullick
Project Coordinator, Nirantar – A Centre for Gender and Education, New Delhi, India
Feminist Explorations into New Media in Rural India

Dr. Eve C. Ng
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies)
The Transnational Contexts of LGBT Digital Media Production and Consumption

Ninette Rothmueller 
Alumna Associate
The Heartbeat of a Machine and I

Dr. Julie Russo
Brown University (Modern Culture and Media)
Indiscrete Media: Queer Economics of Convergence

Dr. Maria San Filippo
Harvard University (Women, Gender, & Sexuality), Wellesley College (Cinema and Media Studies), and MIT (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
New Media and Women’s Film Communities

Sophie Toupin
Independent Researcher and Community Media Activist
F(e)m-Resistance: Reshaping Identities, Narratives and Collective Actions in a Time of New Media

2011-2012 Research Associates

Fall 2011 Research Associates and Center staff

Anwar H. Alkhalldy
Free University Berlin, Germany (Political Science)
Shi’i Islamism and Gender in Iraq

Jennifer A. Cayer
Amherst College (Copeland Fellow)
Embodied Ethnographies: Feminist Theatre Encounters Anthropology

Abigail A. Dallman
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Legal Studies)
Courting Property: Women, Marriage and the Meaning of Possession

Anna L. Gust
University of East London, United Kingdom (History)
Between Home and Empire: The Performance and Production of Early Nineteenth-Century Concepts of Civilization

Sumiao Li
New York Institute of Technology, China (English)
Behind Black Gates: Memoirs of Ya Ya

Gretchen E. Lopez
Syracuse University (Education)
Dialogue Matters: Listening to and Learning from College and High School Students

Hye Gyong Park
Korean Women’s Institute, South Korea (Women’s Studies)
Commercialization of Intimacy and Feminist Questions of Care

Elizabeth M. Sharpe
Independent Scholar
Conversations Across Time: Women Reflect on Aging, Obligation and Care-giving, 1800-2010

Kim E. Toffoletti
Deakin University, Australia (Sociology and Gender Studies)
Imagining the Female Sports Fan in a Post-feminist Visual Economy

Stefanie E. Van de Peer
University of Stirling, United Kingdom (Languages, Cultures and Religions)
Transnational Feminisms in Lebanese and Syrian Women’s Documentaries