Five College Consortium

Five College Women's Studies Research Center

2011-2012 News and Events

FCWSRC events (in reverse chronological order)

04/17/2012 Shi'i Islamism and Gender in Iraq

04/06/2012 The Politics of Appearance: Black Women Legislators

04/05/2012 The Unruly Passions of Eugenie R.

04/03/2012 Imagining Female Sports Fans

03/31/2012 An Evening with Rachel Maddow

03/31/2012 Symposium: Women, Social Justice, Documentary

03/09/2012 Writing, The Public Sphere and Gender

03/02/2012 To Have and To Hold: Courting Property in Marriage

02/28/2012 Women Reflect on Aging, Death, and Care-giving

02/24/2012 Creating Dangerously: The Female Artist at Work

02/03/2012 Portraits of Exile: Belonging and the British Empire

02/01/2012 Spring 2012 Event Schedule

12/2/2011 Women Filming Against the Grain in Syria

11/14/2011 The Invasion of Neo-Liberal Entrepreneurship into the Home: The Feminism Question in South Korea

11/11/2011 Dialogue Matters: Listening to and Learning from College and High School Students

11/7/2011 Making Race, Making Sex: Perspectives on Torture

10/21/2011 Her Town: Annie Baker's Americans

10/28/2011 The "Supergirl" and the "City Jade Man:" Gender-Neutral Aesthetics in Contemporary China and its Challenges for Transnational Feminism 

Five College Area Events

04/13/2012 Intersections of Class, Race and Gender

04/13/2012 From Abortion Rights to Social Justice

03/29/2012 Scientific Dialogues in Colonial India

03/08/2012 14th Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture at Hampshire College

03/08/2012 Women and Gender Studies Book Event

02/14/2012 Evelyn Fox Keller lectures at Smith College, Spring 2012

09/09/2011 Mount Holyoke College Department of Gender Studies

09/09/2011 Smith College Program for the Study of Women and Gender

09/09/2011 UMass Amherst Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

09/09/2011 Amherst College Women's and Gender Studies

09/09/2011 Hampshire College Feminist Studies