Five College Women's Studies Research Center

The Invasion of Neo-Liberal Entrepreneurship into the Home: The Feminism Question in South Korea

On Monday, November 14 at 4:30pm, Hye Gyong Park, Five College Women's Studies Research Associate from the Korean Women’s Institute, will give a talk entitled “The Invasion of Neo-Liberal Entrepreneurship into the Home: The Feminism Question in South Korea.” This presentation examines the relationship between the neo-liberal subjectification of housewives and feminist discourses during the last two decades in South Korea. It critiques the representation of married women, especially in the media, as “housewives” primarily responsible for housework even while the gender division of labor as a social system is reported to have weakened. Such discourses justify the gender division of labor, representing housewives as intelligent, self-confident and managerial, while lower-class women are represented as inferior mothers. Feminist discourses of housewives are implicated in neo-liberal housewife discourses, as they argue that housewives are professionals and that full-time housewives are representative of all married women. (Park Flyer)