Category 4: Film, Video, Digital Production and/or Screenwriting

Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
FAMS 335 01 Experiments-16 mm Film Adam Levine TTH 01:00PM-04:00PM Amherst College
FAMS 345 01 Performance Studio Wendy Woodson F 01:00PM-04:00PM Amherst College
FAMS 441 01 Documentary Production Adam Levine TTH 09:00AM-11:00AM Amherst College
HACU 0222 1 Digital Resistance Kara Lynch 01:00PM-03:50PM TU;07:00PM-09:00PM W Hampshire College
HACU 0246 1 Visions Environmental Justice Hope Tucker 10:30AM-11:50AM F;01:00PM-03:00PM F Hampshire College
HACU 0249 1 Film Workshop Abraham Ravett 09:00AM-11:50AM W;07:00PM-09:00PM W Hampshire College
HACU 0250 1 Approaching Aftermath Thuy Le;Kara Lynch 01:00PM-03:50PM W;07:00PM-09:00PM TU Hampshire College
HACU 0262 1 Video Workshop: Surveillance Hope Tucker 09:00AM-11:50AM TH;06:00PM-08:00PM TH Hampshire College
FLMST 210VP 01 Intro to Video Production Bernadine Mellis W 08:30AM-12:15PM Mount Holyoke College
FMS 280 01 INTRO TO VIDEO PRODUCTION MW 01:20-04:00 Smith College
ART 230 01 Image Capturing Jenny Vogel M W 1:25PM 4:10PM UMass Amherst
ART 230 02 Image Capturing Susan Jahoda TU TH 1:00PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
ART 274 01 Animation Fundamentals TU TH 1:00PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
ART 574 01 Animation Fundamentals TU TH 1:00PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
COMM 331 01 Program Process In TV David Maxcy W 10:10AM 11:00AM UMass Amherst
COMM 331 01LL Program Process In TV M 1:25PM 4:25PM UMass Amherst
COMM 331 01LM Program Process In TV W 1:25PM 4:25PM UMass Amherst
COMM 331 01LN Program Process In TV F 9:05AM 12:05PM UMass Amherst
COMM 441 01 Prin&Techn Film Style Productn Kevin Anderson TU 2:30PM 6:30PM UMass Amherst
COMM 445 01 Screenwriting Bruce Geisler TU TH 11:30AM 12:45PM UMass Amherst