Five College Consortium

Film Studies at the Five Colleges

Five College Student Film & Video Festival 2008 Awards

In My Genes: Best of Festival and Best Documentary
Lupita Nyong'o, Hampshire College
What is it like to be “white” in a “black” world? How does it feel to be a member of one of the most hypervisible and yet invisible groups of people?

Big Toy Problems: Best Animation and Best of Amherst
Jeffrey Dalessandro, Amherst College
A spontaneous stop-motion misadventure.

One Day: Best Dance on Camera
Margaret Piacenza, Smith College
One Day looks at one person's journey through an imaginative, sonic landscape where the act of listening bears witness to the difficulty in quieting one's heart.

Personae: Best Narrative
Schuyler T. Kelly, Hampshire College

Pentimento:Repentance: Best Experimental
Xander Points-Zollo, Hampshire College

Following Jake: Best of Hampshire
Zardon Richardson
Following Jake is a coming of age story about a young African American inner-city male coming to terms with his sexuality in a hostile home.

Garbageman: Best of Mount Holyoke
Ariel Hahn
A stop-motion adventure to the tunes of The Cramps: It is just about garbage.

Scratch of Death: Best of UMass
Alex Ezorsky-Lie
Two worlds battle between the screen.

Neshomeleh: Best of Smith
Dawna Sirard
In a story about the endurance of love, an old man prepares for a picnic.