Five College Consortium

Film Studies at the Five Colleges

2010 Festival Awards

Following are the winners of the 2010 Five College Film Festival. Click on links to view video clips.

5 Minutes:
Best of Amherst College
Matt Hartzler, Amherst College
Musician wakes up late and hustles out the door, but why is he running?

Odd, Even: Best of Hampshire College 
Maxime Simonet and Stephen Sues, Hampshire College
A man, whose only company for the past 3 years has been a vivid, unrelenting hallucination, finally decides to seek help and finds it in a local support group.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Best of Mount Holyoke College
Hyo Rhi Kim, Mount Holyoke College
Migration, displacement, alienation and Thanksgiving dinner; an attempt to make sense of the multiple worlds within a person.

The Cat & the Fox: Best of Smith College
Elizabeth Thompson, Smith College
A modified Russian folktale.

Two Men Drowning in Quicksand: Best of UMass Amherst
Ben Leonberg, UMass Amherst
Not-so-intrepid adventures Barnaby and Ashley find themselves sinking into a quagmire of quicksand. With their doom quickly approaching, the duo struggle to find solid ground or a common ground between themselves. A lighthearted, existential twist on the adventure genre, Two Men Drowning in Quicksand is an examination of the human condition under the most bizarre of circumstances.

Where Are We Going: Best Animation
Lauren Flinner, Hampshire College
A lighthearted and optimistic cutout animation about a journey.

Cradled in Context: Best Dance on Camera
Alexis Zaccarello-Grimes, Mount Holyoke College
A piece exploring the worlds between reality and dream, memory and fantasy. Set in a dinner scene, a  bathtub, and the classical Argentine tango, the viewer questions the imagined as the female immerses herself in thought or memory.

Powerless by Choice: Best Documentary
Reema Naqvi, Mount Holyoke College
A short documentary about how war is perceived in our collective consciousness.

Halcyon Glare: Best Experimental
Daniel Peck, Hampshire College
Influenced by the myth of King Midas and told with a touch of magical realism, Halcyon Glareexplores what it means to find something incredible, exploit it and then be consumed by it.

Safe as Houses: Best Narrative
Molly Koch, Hampshire College
After wife, Louanne, leaves husband, Peter, Peter's routine-like domestic life slowly turns inside out. Within this quirky narrative there is a strong attempt to portray the subtle conflicts of the mind and the bold hope of the imagination.

The Evolution of Roth: Jurors' Choice
Roth S. Empire, Smith College
A video diary that takes you on a journey to reveal the one, constant thing in life.

Student Director
Lee Tae Cobb, Mount Holyoke College

Student Organization and Jury
Taner Stephen Akbeg, Hampshire College
Chenlan Bao, Amherst College
Kristen Coatesm, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Alejandra Cuellar, Hampshire College
Stanford Guan, Amherst College
Rhea Kewalramani, Smith College
Carly Moniz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Reema Naqvi, Mount Holyoke College
Bess Thompson, Smith College
Faculty/Administrator Jury
Robin Blaetz
Anne Ciecko
Baba Hillman
Nancy Inouye
Alexandra Keller
Don Levine
Bernadine Mellis
Frazer Ward
Wendy Woodson

Faculty Supervisor
Bernadine Mellis